Yee Ting McCloy

Product Designer & Illustrator

I’m passionate about transforming data into elegant and accessible user interfaces and following the entire process from user research, flows, and user personas - through to wireframes, pixel-perfect high fidelity prototypes and QA/front end development.

The Challenge

The customer produces both the hardware and software for electronic door access systems such as the type that you see in multi-occupancy office buildings and residential apartment blocks. Their product is then installed and maintained by third party door access companies. However, they were finding that, due to their hands off approach with the installation companies, that they did not have any oversight as to what versions of firmware and software were in use and this in turn made it difficult for them to plan for phasing out older versions and what possible new features or enhancements they should include in future releases. They also wanted to give the installation companies a system where they could manage their installation engineers, sites, billing and licenses.

My Role

The Solution

A centralised system where installation companies could add and manage sites that they were responsible for, add and manage installation engineers, make payments and view their billing history, manage licenses and users was proposed. The ability to be able to reconfigure a door access panel by uploading a valid XML file was also provisioned in the solution.